The Hate Network: Atomwaffen Division

Propaganda footage from the Atomwaffen Department cellular in Texas

That yr, the Nazi crew Atomwaffen Department (“Atomwaffen” is German for atomic weapon) was once based on the net discussion board, a dialogue platform for neo-Nazis from around the globe. The extremists came upon James Mason and had been fascinated with his crazed, radical concepts. “Siege” become a must-read and Mason their ideological doyen. However that is not the simplest factor that makes them so unhealthy, in step with mavens on right-wing extremism. Individuals are closely armed and ready to use their guns. Certainly, they’re getting in a position for what they see as the approaching “race battle” in so-called “hate camps.” Guns coaching is performed by way of contributors of the U.S. army, who’re additionally a few of the crew’s contributors. In line with one former member of Atomwaffen Department, newbies should post to waterboarding, along with different such trials. However who’s in the back of Atomwaffen Department?

The first homicide came about on Would possibly 19, 2017. That is when Devon Arthurs, 18, shot to loss of life his two housemates, Andrew Oneschuk, 18, and Jeremy Himmelman, 22. All 3 had been contributors of Atomwaffen Department, however Arthurs would later say that the opposite two did not recognize his religion. Arthurs, it became out, had slowly develop into estranged from the gang’s right-wing extremist ideology, transformed to Islam and started sympathizing with Islamic State.

Killer Arthurs (left), sufferers Oneschuk and Himmelman (appropriate)

The crowd’s chief, Brandon Russell, likewise lived within the shared place of abode and the police discovered firearms, ammunition and bomb-making provides within the storage. Ahead of the invention, Russell had advised fans in inner chats of his aim to explode an influence plant. He was once sentenced to 5 years in the back of bars.

The Murders Proceed

On Dec. 22, 2017, 17-year-old Nicholas Giampa shot and killed his female friend’s folks in Reston, Virginia. That they had forbidden their daughter from associating with him on account of his right-wing extremist worldview. Giampa is open about each his admiration for James Mason and his club in Atomwaffen Department. After the 2 killings, he shot himself as smartly, however survived.

Killer Giampa

The latest homicide came about now not even a month later and the investigation into the incident is ongoing. Journalists from DER SPIEGEL had been in a position to talk with police officers in Lake Woodland, California, the place the killing came about, along with the mummy of the sufferer. We had been additionally in a position to inspect the non-public chat messages despatched between the sufferer and buddies, permitting an in depth reconstruction of the crime.

Wchicken the remainder of his fellow Atomwaffen Department contributors discovered that Samuel Woodward have been arrested for the homicide of a gay Jew, they started celebrating his crime, regarding him as a “homosexual Jew wrecking staff.” For the start of the trial, they even had T-shirts published with Woodward’s symbol, entire with a swastika on his brow.

Atomwaffen Department isn’t a gaggle of on-line trolls who unfold derogatory pictures and graphics on the net. Quite, contributors percentage their propaganda inside their very own social media bubble and secret conversation boards. DER SPIEGEL has won unique get right of entry to to inner chats from the gang.


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